Typed Software

to high standards


We're a small consultancy dedicated to provide advices and softwares related to haskell, rust, security and cryptography

We have extensive experience architecturing, developing and improving sofwares and libraries, in a very wide application range from low level system to DSL

Better Software

We thrive to write better code, that solve problems in pragmatic ways, but without sacrificing security, performance or maintenance.

We use static typing with lightweight and custom types, functional programming, and good taste to our advantages to achieve those goals



Static typing and advanced types, gives the expressivity to tell tools about the semantic of code, reducing bugs, improving security, and reducing the maintenance burden


The Functional programming paradigm provide code that is better and easier to maintain, and can nicely contains more imperative approaches where needed.


Thorough understanding of cryptography from low level implementation to high level protocol. We've designed high level protocols and architecture making use of advanced concept like adjudication and mediation, but also implemented or binded crypto primitives


Security is from the ground up; We design each of our layer of code to be as secure as the last line of defence, preventing issues with in-depth design.


Whereas you need advice, short or long term resources to implement a library, audit or improve something in one, proof of concepts and prototypes, contact us.

Typed IO Ltd Is a limited company registered in the United Kingdom

Email: contact@typed.io